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Hi friends and family,

As you may know I ran my first half marathon this year in Iceland with my good friend Edna! I also love Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project and all their efforts to bring healthy food, outdoor experiences, and amazing educational opportunities to youth of color in East Oakland.

SO I am asking you all to help me out by MATCHING my donation of $500 and GETTING me to run some more! If you double my donation, I will run one half marathon next year.

BUT if you TRIPLE my DONATION and reach my goal of raising $1,500, I will run TWO HALF MARATHONS and you get to see EVEN MORE sweaty photos of me online! WOOHOOO! Oh wait that is basically a marathon...better start training again.

Your support would be very appreciated holiday (AND birthday - coming soon in February) gift. Thank you so much and I will keep you posted on the re-training efforts!

Love you all and the amazing things you do to make this world a safer, happier, and more equitable place!

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